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Arthur David  Snider, Ph.D.
Electrical Engineering

Office: ENB 246 A - Mail Code: ENB118
4202 E. Fowler Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33620, USA
Phone: Not Available
E-mail: Not Available

Dave Snider, retired from the Departments of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics (affiliate), holds degrees in mathematics and physics and is a Registered Professional Engineer. He is the (co)-author of five textbooks in applied mathematics, and has pioneered an innovative course in fine arts for engineers.

Research Interests

Dr. Snider's research interests are in the areas of mathematical modeling in physics and engineering, numerical analysis, signal processing, differential equations, optimization, and random processes.

Recent Publications

  • USFKAD: An Expert System for Partial Differential Equations, Computer Physics Communications v. 176, Issue 1, Pages 23-32 (1 January 2007)
  • High Dynamic Range Resampling for Software Radio (with L. Azam), Int. Jnl. Sig. Proc., World Enformatika Society, ISSN 1304-4478, 2006 vol. 3 # 3, pp. 171-176.
  • The Optical Theorem and the Raleigh-Gans Power Shortage (with A. Garcia-Lopez), IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, v.54 Issue 12, Dec. 2006, page 3840-5.
  • Transverse Waves in Electromagnetics: A Survey with New Generalizations, with J. OBara, Electromagnetics 123-141, April 2004, vol. 24 No. 3.
  • Light and the Arts: A Class for Engineers, Proc. ASEE Annual Conf., Chicago 2006, #2006-83.

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